Drill bits for amber balls

Drilling jewelry machines for household and industrial use

We offer you a complete range of drilling machines for beads, which are now on the market. Prices for drilling machines range from $ 105 to $ 2,200, depending on the brand and the country of the manufacturer.

At the moment, drilling machines for drilling balls are produced in such countries as Poland, China and Korea. Drilling machines from Avalon and Roger of Polish production differ from the Chinese price, weight and accuracy of settings for the centers. However, drilling machines of Chinese and Korean production are not worse, with the right settings to perform the same tasks, the vast majority of ambers use these machines.

Chinese drilling machines are equipped with motors of varying power from a minimum of 180 watts to 600 watts in a series of household applications. In addition, it is worthwhile to distinguish from the professional series so-called two-sided drilling machines for balls with very high technical characteristics.

At us you can buy except for drilling machines and the basic knots and details to them: the electric motor, a bed, a pedal of start and stop of the machine tool, plastic and metal collets, a rotary reducer, a speed regulator.

Link to drill machines for amber balls – http://wp.me/P7CvIG-175