Drilling machine for drilling amber (original), amber balls, burstin and pearls KYD A/B

Warranty 12 months.

Falsified cases of this machine, the substitution of a quality South Korean engine for Chinese, and the subsequent sale of some online stores under the guise of original ones, have become more frequent.
Two basic signs of the authenticity of the Korean drilling machine KYD:
On the engine case the cast inscription “Made in Korea” on the side and back (at the machine with the engine power of 380 W)
Protective hologram on the side of the engine with the KYD brand (for a machine with engine power of 240 and 380 W)

Pay attention to the power of the machine being purchased, there are models with a power of 200 W or less, but this power is not enough for a normal drilling process without stopping and without “biting” the drill.

After transportation, this drilling machine (like any other industrial equipment) requires additional centering of the motor relative to the center of the workpiece. This process takes only a few minutes, is intuitive and does not require special training. It is completely pointless to center the motor before transportation, as the alignment will be lost during transportation.

This machine perfectly fits into the line of equipment for making amber balls from amber at home.
Also, this machine is perfect for the manufacture of jewelry from pearls.
Jewelry workshop or fans of handmade for whom making jewelry is a hobby.

The difference between a horizontal machine for drilling amber and amber balls from “classical” vertical drilling machines, where the spindle goes inside the spindle head and the workpiece is stationary, consists in the absence of the spindle as such (since there is absolutely no need for it) – the three-jaw chuck is pressed directly onto the shaft engine, with the cutting tool standing still.

Due to the specific processing of the material (amber, pearls and other stone), the workpiece of the future product itself “goes” to the cutting tool (drill), so that when the drill does not come off a chip or crack, the future product is drilled by half, 180 degrees and drill from the opposite side.

A set of plastic and brass clips of different diameters for reliable and safe fixing of the blanks of the future decoration. Sleeves are made especially from plastic and soft non-ferrous metal – brass, so as not to damage when clamping the fragile and delicate material of the future product.

The engine is fixed to the base with 4 main screws and 4 screws, which enable the centering (calibration) of the motor relative to the product that is being drilled or decentralized if required to drill at a small angle.
Precision three-jaw chuck without beat, which clamps drills (and other consumables for amber and pearls) with diameters from 0.3 to 4.0 mm
The stand into which the products fall after the opening of the vise for the continuous process of work
Steel axial screw with fine thread, providing a huge service life and a uniform movement of both clamping jaws
The engine is protected from dirt and chips by a metal plate, but at the same time it is perfectly cooled due to the ventilation holes located in the gap between the plate and the motor
The motor shaft rotates in a ball bearing, which ensures an ideal alignment and absence of the drill of the drill bit that amber is drilled – this provides an ideal cylindrical shape of the hole in the amber blank
The possibility of a multiple brush change ensures a tremendous service life of the engine
A reliable cast iron base on rubber feet gives the machine stability and eliminates any vibration
The regulator of turns with smooth (linear) adjustment
A pedal that will free your hands for a full immersion in the workflow

Dimensions of the machine

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