Tool for amber

Equipment for home business in amber.

We offer you a complete set of equipment for the production of amber balls at home. The process of making amber balls can be conditionally divided into technological stages:

Selection of amber raw materials for the production of balls.
Cutting or cutting amber on square billets.
Forming blanks in a mold as close to the future amber ball as possible using grinding equipment
Rough ball making with the help of a grinding cone grinding of which 120
Polishing of the amber ball with the help of a polishing cutter whose granularity is 1000.
Drilling holes in amber balls.
Tumbling amber balls.
For each of these stages in the production of amber balls in everyday life, certain tools, machines and materials that we will supply you in full turnkey are needed.

For the first stage, selection of amber raw materials you will need – a powerful flashlight with three types of light.

Фонарик для янтаря
Фонарик для янтаря

Фонарик для янтаря

The cost of a flashlight for testing amber is $35

At the second stage of the production of balls use a sawing or sawing, which is the same. And it is best to use a universal amber machine for these purposes.

Универсальный станок комплектация В
Универсальный станок комплектация В

The photo shows the basic configuration  universal machine for amber costing $135

In the set of this machine there are disks that are not suitable for processing amber raw materials, because they are quite thick up to 1 mm. The work with these discs will lead to significant losses of the raw material itself.

For these purposes, a diamond cutting disc with a thickness of 0.2 mm is suitable.

Отрезной круг_150x20x2
Отрезной круг_150x20x2

The cost of a flexible diamond circle for cutting amber raw materials is $12

After cutting the blanks, they can be formed with the same cutting circle, cutting the tops of the cube and the projections. Or use a special diamond grinding wheel with the largest grain.

Шлифовальный круг
Шлифовальный круг

The cost of a diamond grinding wheel for amber is $ 40.

The landing socket, the inner diameter of the cutting and grinding diamond wheels – 20 mm, which makes it possible to install them on a universal machine. A universal machine bench is designed for water to avoid amber dust in the process of cutting amber raw materials and forming blanks under the ball.

In the minimal complete set of the universal machine there is no cartridge for clamping the grinding and polishing cutters.

Патрон для шрошек
Патрон для шарошек

The cost of a cartridge for spherical diamond cutters – $15

At the stage of primary formation of blanks for amber balls from blanks of amber, a diamond cutter is needed. As a rule, amber billets are obtained in different sizes. And in the future process of making balls, roller cutters of different sizes will be needed. Thus it is necessary to purchase a set of cutters of different sizes.

Шарошки для изготовления янтарных шаров
Шарошки для изготовления янтарных шаров – шлифовальные

The cost of a set of 11 pieces of grinding diamond cutters – $ 70.

The final stage of the formation of a ball of amber is the removal of coarse scratches (marks from grinding roller cutters) with the help of polishing cutters. It is worth emphasizing, the polishing cutters need to take one size less. If a set of grinding cones with a size of 6-26 mm, then the polishing cutters should be 5-25 mm.

Шарошки для изготовления янтарных шаров
Шарошки алмазные полировальные

The cost of a set of polishing diamond cutters – $ 85

In principle, the above tools, in an hour or two you can make the first balls!

If you do not need to make ready products – amber beads, then you have everything you need to make balls.

The cost of balls from under the machine and the cost of finished amber beads is significantly different. As a rule, all those who are engaged in the production of amber products buy a complete set of equipment.

In the future, the process of producing amber beads at home requires a drilling machine for amber balls.

сверлильный станок для жемчуга и янтаря
Сверлильный станок для жемчуга и янтаря

The cost of a drilling machine for amber balls – $ 130.

You can buy and slightly cheaper drilling machine for balls at $ 115, but the power of its engine is 180 watts.

Drills are included with the drilling machine.

Finishing in the process, the bead of amber eats tumbling, that is, finishing the amber balls with a matte surface to mirror glossy. Tumbling process, also divided into 3 or 4 stages.

At what fillers for vibrogalgators are used different. Every master of amber affairs has his own formula.

For tumbling amber balls use – vibrogalovtovku.

3-х литровая виброгалтовка
Виброгалтовка для полирования янтарных шаров


The cost of vibrogalovki for polishing amber balls in volume of 3 liters – 160 $

Thus, the total cost of a household line for processing amber is – 682 $

Amber ball and beads – this is a piece of jewelry that has physical parameters: weight and diameter. It is on them that the value depends.

Almost all ambers use pocket jewelry scales.

Весы ювелирные
Весы ювелирные

And calipers, we offer a brass pocket.

Карманный штангенциркуль
Карманный штангенциркуль


Prices for scales and calipers we do not indicate, as the buyer of a complete set for the production of amber balls at home they go as a gift.

author: Vasily Ganych