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Drilling machines for amber are intended for carrying out of high-quality boring works of jewels where high accuracy of works is necessary. Basically, this machine finds its wide application in the processing of various jewelry of various shapes, such as: beads, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rosaries and so on. With the help of this machine, the final stage of transformation of formless raw materials into products of specific sizes and shapes, such as: spheres, olives, barrels, minarets, pendants, is carried out.

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Drilling machine for drilling amber balls

The drilling machine for amber products is used for drilling balls, as well as products from other forms: olives, barrels and a minaret. The diameter of the processed articles is small, up to 35 mm. Complete with a drilling machine for amber products, there are plastic and brass bushings, which make it possible to accurately fix the workpiece in the center of the drilling axis.
The function of turning the product by 180 degrees prevents chips, as amber is a very fragile stone and when a hole is drilled on the opposite side, chips are formed.
On a drilling machine for amber products, electric motors of different capacities from 180 to 600 W are installed, whose speed is up to 18,000 per minute. These characteristics make it possible to use a desktop drilling machine in everyday life and on an industrial scale

The drill stop prevents drills from damaging them, since the drilling machine works with drills of small sizeсверлами

Features of the drilling machine:

is designed for drilling holes of small diameter from 0.5 to 4 mm
machine parts are made of metal
engine speed control
overload protection
domestic and industrial use
motor protection against overheating

billet fixing set different forms

Characteristics of the drilling machine for balls

Diameter  drill from 0.5  before 4 mm

maximum workpiece size up to 35 mm
Consumed power from 180 to 380 watts (depending on the model)
engine speed from 8000 to 18000 rpm (depending on the model)
maximum drilling diameter up to 4 mm
power supply 220V 50Hz (alternating current)
current 0,8 A
The drilling machine is equipped with a pedal for turning the engine on and off

three cams  for drills up to 4 mm

Complete set of desktop drilling machine:

copper bushings – 8 pcs.
plastic bushings – 16 pcs.
drills – 5 pieces
additional handle of the reduction gear – 1 set
mains adapter: china / europe
The drilling machine for amber and pearl is made in China.



Сверлильный станок-3 сверлильный станок-1 сверлильный станок-2 Станок сверлильный



Сверлильный станок для янтаря и жемчуга
Drilling machine for amber and pearls


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Engine power

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