Ultrasound cleaning

The principles of ultrasound purifiers:
The electric high-frequency energy generated by the ultrasound generator is transformed into mechanical power using piezo-electric converters and enters the bath.
As a result of this process, millions of small bubbles of air are formed that explode due to differences in pressure. You create a fluid jet that is loaded with heavy energy. These jets eliminate mud particles from surfaces and even from grooves and openings of of products.

Description and characteristics of RAS Elmasonic S:

-A bath of protivokavitacionnoj (resistant to formation of time and void) stainless steel;
-A stainless steel body is easily washed;
-High-performance multilayering systems;
-The degassing function for the efficient degasification of cleaning fluid and for laboratory use;
-The automatic degassing function for the automatic degasification cycle;
-Fluid inlet valve at the rear of the device (from Elmasonic S 30);
-Test heating in protective mode *;
-Work with ultrasound in temperature control *: The cleaning process begins automatically when the temperature is reached; The cleaning fluid is regularly mixed during heating to ensure that the heating is uniform;
-Automatic mixing during heating *;
-Replacement block for the distribution network (s 10-s 300 n models);
-Electronic pen;
-The display of both set indicators and real indicators on the screen (starting with the model S 30);
-A working panel with a visor that protects against the spray of water;
-Plastic handles for transport;
-Automatic shutdown after 12 hours of uninterrupted work to stop undesirable unbroken work.
* Only in models that have a heating function.