Gemstone Round Bead Milling Machine

Кулькарка для массового производства шаров из янтаря


    Код товара: 5717

The gemstone round bead milling machine used to grind the stone of back-off angle into bead with the emery-plated plate and the configured board. It can machine hundreds of bead once with high efficiency. Suit for processing of jade, crystal miscellaneous stone, agate, jade, glass, all kinds of semi-precious stone, other types of stone and shellfish. The machinable size is 3-25mm, and the spindle speed is 770r/min.

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Characteristics of the milling machine for the production of amber balls:

Voltage: 220V
Power: 750W
Working frequency:60Hz
Rotation speed:1400r/min
Function:apply high quality bearing, axle for stable usage. Mainly for milling the stone into round bead. Adapt high quality emery plate and assorted net plate for milling. It can process hundreds of round bead at a time. Suit for processing of the crystal, agate, glass, gem, semi-gem, shell and other material in size of 3-25mm.

The use of an industrial ball machine in a video review:

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