Round beads by milling machine

Industrial equipment for amber processing


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Main function is milling the stone into round bead. Adapt high quality emery plate and assorted net plate for milling. It can process hundreds of round bead at a time. Suit for processing of the crystal, amber, agate, glass, gem, semi-gem, shell and other material in size of 3-25mm.

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Ball making machine

The shaft of diamond disk is using planar bearing. Running more smoothly.
The upper cover can adjust the pressure. Keep the pressure is the same all the time. Reduce the damage to the stone that cause by the unstable pressure. Stable pressure can protect the beads.

Milling machine is not only suitable for hard stone but also for soft material to produce round beads. Such as Amber, Turquoise, Coral that easy to broken.

Performance parameters round beads milling machine

Voltage :AC 220V/380v
Power :0.75KW+0.37KW
Disk speed:600 r/min
Cover speed :100r/min
Dimension : L84×W51×H115cm

The process of making amber balls on a professional machine


Ball making machine
Ball making machine

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