Gem Forming Machine

Industrial universal machine for amber


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The stepless speed gem forming machine can adjust workholder speed to achieve high precision processing. Adapt speed regulation motor in stable speed and huge power. Suit for processing of agate, crystal, glasses, shell, etc.

The reference to the industrial amber cart is –

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Main Parameters:
Voltage: AC380V/220V
Power: 750W
Working frequency:60Hz
Rotational speed: 2880r per min
Dimension: 600X480X1060mm
Weight: 85kg

1. The processing speed is adjustable in working condition for high molding rate.
2. Adapt molding grind wheel, to process any rotator shape, such as round, drop, triangle, calabash, etc.
3. Fit for the round bead, rice bead, fitness ball, ring, bracelet, chess, jade pillow, and other thousand of specs.
4. Suitable for the spiral shape.
5. High efficiency,process about 3000pieces per 8hrs.
6. The forming wheel is customed for different emery.


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Weight 55 kg
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