Drum polishing machine

Equipment for speedy polishing of Amber


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Drum Barrel is designed to polish and polish the products of almost all alloys. Works in wet and dry modes, which is its universality. Lets you use different fillers for tumbling: metal, plastic, ceramics, nut shell.
The rotor tumbling machine is a stationary gorizontalno drum in the lower part of which is the rotating supports-actuators. The parts that are processed together with the individually picked Galtovochnymi fillers are loaded into the drum of the machine. When you enable actuator, it starts rotating and enthrall the products and the filler. In this way, the trajectory of the galtovochnoj mixture is set.
Rotor tumbling machines are one of the most productive among the tumbling machines, but their wide distribution is hampered by the size limitation and the mass of the items processed. The processing of products with mass exceeding the maximum allowed will lead to imbalances in the process of operation and eventually to the breakdown of the machine.

Reference to drum galtovku for Amber-ttps://goo.gl/yyYi6J

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Barrel Drum

Jewelry rotary tumbler&polishing machine


Maximum weight of all products (g) 20%
Maximum load of fillers (kg)
Metal filler-3.0 kg; Porcelain filler-2.5 kg; Plastic Filler-1.0 kg; Nut shell-0.7 kg
Drum Volume (L) 3
Drum Dimensions
190 x 180 mm (D x H)
Weight (kg)
External dimensions
280 x 230 x 100 mm (Measures)
Power (W)
60 Minutes, 5 speeds, reverse

specially designed for fixed time tumbling (0-60minutes). Auto-reverse function enables through tumbling with 5

variable speeds control so that jewelries can be polished with good care.

Drum barrel for Amber
Drum barrel for Amber

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Weight 6.9 kg
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