Atmel T5557 smart card

Multifunctional 330-bit Read/Write RF Identification IC

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T5557 Blank smart card entry access printable

Atmel T5577 contactless cardUpdated T5567 version of the card and is widely used RFID technology. T5577 cards have a 330-bit EEPROM memory size read / write (password protected). The T5577-chip R / W can be read and rewritten into TK format via encoding. A popular app to be a small cash for ammeter, access control and industry identification. There is also a compatible chip for the T5577 with a good price.

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Datasheet ATMEL T5557

  • Contactless Read/Write Data Transmission
  • Radio Frequency fRF from 100 kHz to 150 kHz
  • e5550 Binary Compatible or T5557
  • Extended Mode
  • Small Size, Configurable for ISO/IEC 11784/785 Compatibility
  • 75 pF On-chip Resonant Capacitor (Mask Option)
  • 7 x 32-bit EEPROM Data Memory Including 32-bit Password
  • Separate 64-bit memory for Traceability Data
  • 32-bit Configuration Register in EEPROM to Setup:
    • Data Rate
      • RF/2 RF/128, Binary Selectable or
      • Fixed e5550 Data Rates
    • Modulation/Coding
      • FSK, PSK, Manchester, Biphase, NRZ
    • Other Options
      • Password Mode
      • Max Block Feature
      • Answer-On-Request (AOR) Mode
      • Inverse Data Output
      • Direct Access Mode
      • Sequence Terminator(s)
      • Write Protection (Through Lock-bit per Block)
      • Fast Write Method (5 Kbps versus 2 Kbps)
      • OPT Functionality
      • POR Delay up to 67 ms

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Product name: T5567 card/T5577 card
The chip type: Atmel T5567 / T5577
Storage capacity: 330 bits
Working frequency: 125 KHZ
Communication rate: 9600 bonds
Reading distance: 5-10 cm
Reading and writing time: 67 ms
Working temperature: – 20 to 55 degree de
Erasable life: > 100000 times
Data storage: 10 years
Dimension: ISO standard thin card/thick card/all kinds of different buttons
Packaging materials: PVC,
Encapsulation process: PVC laminated

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